March 24 Binhi Lesson:

Filipino Food Heritage and Recap

Here are photos uploaded on our shutterfly webpage. =)

We focused on food influences from China, Spain and the US.

Binhi helped "Jonjon and Trisha" (our friendly class puppets) build the menu for the IP Binhi Restaurant which only had adobo and rice on the menu.

They all "traveled" to China to see and taste Lo Mein! Oh yes... the yummy Lo Mein!

Then they went to Spain to see and taste Leche Flan! We learned that leche flan is made of Eggs (Itlog), Milk (Gatas) and Sugar (Asukal). At this point they've mastered the word "matamis" (sweet)... they had seconds of this sweet sweet dessert!

Lastly, Binhi "flew" to the US to visit a grocery store. Here they saw various canned goods (spam, vienna sausage, fruit cocktail, etc).that we see so common in Filipino pantries today. We also covered the US influence on freezers - icecream, snowcones.. In the Philippines we have halo-halo!

We did a halo-halo craft using poster board tumbler/glass cutouts. The children decorated their poster board tumblers with markers and then rubbed ice cubes on them causing a watercolor effect. The children were so proud of their work!

After learning so much about Filipino food this past school year we had to ask them what their favorite Filipino food is:
Rice! Sinigang! Adobo! Lumpia! Leche Flan! etc. etc.

At this point we introduced our Graduation Song: "Wag Sayangin ang Pagkain" (Don't Waste Food) : a very important value in every Filipino (or everyone's) household.

We've definitely done a lot of eating this year... so we want to make sure nothing goes to waste! =)

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Binhi Newsletter for November 18

It was definitely a Pancit Themed day at Binhi Class last November 18!!
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Binhi Newsletter for October 14 and November 4

Have you had enough of Philippine Food yet?! :) Never! :P

The kids have learned several concepts already since we started Binhi Class Sessions (on top of that the Celebrity Series and Tiangge). Last October 14 the Binhi Gang with Jonjon and Trisha visited the "Palengke" (read the book "Araw sa Palengke") and tasted food samples with "Maasim", "Maalat" and "Matamis" tastes. See Binhi Page. Though we have to say... the "Matamis" concept was the easiest to grasp! :)

Speaking of "matamis", we focused on this concept on November 4 by doing an ice-cream or "sorbetes" craft with chalk and water. Of course we offered ice-cream cups to the kids at the end of class. Tita Cristy was the very kind "Sorbetero" (ice-cream vendor).

We also reviewed the ingredients of "adobo" and "sinigang" and different items in a typical Filipino Pantry. It was a lot of information to the kids but we encourage you to expose them to the Filipino items in your pantry (if you have any eg. Patis (fish sauce), Suka (vinegar), Toyo (soy sauce), Toyomansi (soy sauce with calamansi), Mantika (oil), your processed canned goods-spam, vienna sausage, etc.)

We also try to make the first part of class as interactive as possible incorporating attendance, colors and numbers. We are now asking the kids to help us with attendance by saying "Nandito ba si _?" instead of just answering the question and saying "Nandito po ako!". We incorporated the count-off game for the numbers and touch the color for the "kulay" part of class.

Again, we appreciate your help and assistance in class! We are looking forward to introducing more food concepts to the kids especially Christmas (Pasko) Season is fast approaching!

Attached is a link to the pics of the November 4 Session.
Ice Cream Craft by Binhi

Binhi Newsletter for September 30, 2012 Session

Last September 30 was our very first regular class session. The objective or theme for that class was to get the children familiarized with the Philippines. Then the plan is to introduce the “Food and the Philippines” theme as we go along each session.

We first sang the song “Kamusta! Kamusta!” as a welcome song. Hopefully the kids will pick up the words to the song as we sing it every session.

The structure of the class always begins with the attendance, numbers and colors. Since this was the first session we had the children decorate their own “sorbetero” nametags. The children were confident in answering “Nandito po ako!” when their names were called. We also sang “Sampung Malulusong na Bata” to apply the numbers concept in Filipino. They were also able to identify the colors in Tagalog.

Then we introduced our new puppet friends in class…. Jonjon and Trisha. Jonjon is from Boston and Trisha is from the Philippines. Basically, we plan to use these puppets/characters to teach the concepts/themes for each class.

The storyline for this session was that Jonjon is visiting his cousin Trisha in the Philippines. We made passports for the children. These passports will be used for each session and will have a new page for them to color and decorate depending on the theme. Hopefully these passports will serve as a visual summary of what they learned during this IP school year.

Back to the story…. Time difference and weather were discussed. The children helped Jonjon pack for his trip. We simulated a plane ride to the Philippines and after meeting Trisha in the airport it started to rain so the kids had to pretend to cover their heads with their passports….etc. Then Jonjon complained that he was hungry. So Trisha said that they will go to the Palengke next…. Thus…that’s the theme of our next class!

We plan to use this “puppet show” to also reinforce colors, numbers, and new Tagalog words.

We had time to show more pictures (places, food, people) of the Philippines to give them a better visual of the place they "just flew to". =)

We ended the class with the “Paalam” song.

Please see Tita Patty Yusah’s Facebook link for pictures: